In regards to Zoo Tycoon, have you tried using Wineskin?? Google it if you havent heard of it. If it works let me know! :)

I used wineskin before in getting masters of olympus running but i didn’t see anywhere online where someone recommended it for zoo tycoon :/ Only problem is i’m truly awful with technology and just wouldn’t know where to begin.

tits please!

no thanks!

Who do you think would win in a fight between Dobby and Smeagol? Hair-pulling and nipple-tweaking allowed, but no cunt-punching.

smeagol always no question

Florence do you still smoke the ganj? Are you enjoying your studies, did you enjoy smaug? TELL ME EVERYTHING

ALL OF THE THINGS HAROLD. And yes, meeehhhh and yess, how are things with yourself? And the little feline ones? xx

After over 6months of desperately trying to appease my inner 9 year old by trying absolutely everything to get Zoo Tycoon working on my macbook, i finally manage to install everything flawlessly including the expansion pack…only to press play and find that the stupid macbook doesn’t even realise the disk is in there.

I plummeted from such an intense high to such an intense low that i honestly think my body has given up and now as a result i am most likely dying.

If there is ANYONE out there who is a crazy technological whiz, if you can find it in your understandably indifferent heart to help, i will in return grant you the wishes that you have only ever dared to dream…